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EcoSteris’s core values compel us to be a responsible business that aims to make a positive impact on the lives of people, communities, and the environment as we continue to tackle the on growing medical waste disposal challenges. To succeed as a business and trusted member of the society, EcoSteris has identified the following commitment areas as fundamental principles to guide us in better serving our customers, partners, and communities.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

EcoSteris’s primary obligation of protecting the public and the environment compelled us to adopt upright practices and higher standards to manage properly medical waste. In order to help our customers, partners, governments, and communities preserve the quality of our everyday life, EcoSteris’s continued efforts, among to others, are to:

  • Promote zero emission environment by deploying clean non-burning alternative technology.

  • Conserve resources and introduce integrated automated solutions.

  • Implement 3Rs: “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” practices and improve waste management practices.

  • Lower traffic impact and cut on carbon footprint by using onsite solutions.

  • Reduce waste and minimize landfill impact.

  • Reduce risks and liabilities.

  • Protect the public and preserve the ecosystem by effectively and safely manage the regulated medical waste.

  • Handle effectively unforeseen surge volumes of infectious waste resulting from unexpected pandemic events or natural disasters.

Enjoying the Nature

More Choices at a Low Price

In a controlled market with limited choices, disposing medical waste can be a costly and controversial proposition for many healthcare providers and waste generators. Ecosteris’s values are to promote more economical and risk-free choices to our customers via leveraging the benefits of our innovative integrated solutions with our medical waste management expertise. Our philosophy is to introduce flexible sustainable lean base operations that standardized medical waste handling processes as well as to generate guaranteed savings and remarkable financial gains.

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Customer Satisfaction

EcoSteris is devoted to deliver reliable, superior, and affordable medical waste management services and solutions that further the growth of our customer/partner without compromising the safety of employees, the well-being of the public, the sustainability of the environment, and the integrity of our core values. Our waste management and consulting team will offer unique perspective and practical recommendations that will help our clients achieve their organizational goals, reduce cost, standardize disposal’s process, streamline operations, improve productivity and compliance, and achieve financial gain.

Shaking Hands

Compliance and Safety

Ecosteris was founded on the basic need to properly manage and safely dispose of infectious medical waste without negatively impacting the public and/or natural resources. From start, Ecosteris championed the use of zero emission technology and management practices that met national and international safety standards and regulations including OSHA and DOT guidelines. Our innovative solutions and reliable services were established to:


  • Comply with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

  • Adhere to the highest safety standards.

  • Improve waste management’s practices.

  • Reduce risks and liabilities of our customers and partners.

  • Protect our communities and minimize the negative impacts on the plane

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